The concept of rational and irrational thinking of two people. Heads of two people with colourful shapes of abstract brain for concept of idea and teamwork. Two people with different thinking.


Therapy, and your reasons for thinking about coming to see me will be unique to you. With that in mind, I offer an ‘Integrative’ approach to therapy, using skills and techniques that I have learnt over the years and tailoring those to your therapy goals.

Some people come for a short time and prefer a more Solution Focused (SF) approach, while for others it can be a longer-term process.

I specialise in working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviours (including use of pornography), as well as sexual offending but see individuals and couples for a wide range of presenting issues.

Individual Counselling (from the age of 11+)

We meet on a 1-1 basis to explore what’s challenging you. For some people this can be Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement. You might be looking to explore your relationship with pornography or sex. Whatever brings you to counselling, you are assured of a space to talk openly about it.

Soldier sitting on sofa during psychological therapy, suffering ptsd or dementia
Concept of communication and communicating a message between two head shaped trees with birds perched and flying to each other as a metaphor for teamwork and business or personal relationship with 3D illustration elements.

Couples Counselling

You (as a couple) meet with me to explore aspects of your relationship. There might be something that has been niggling at you, and discussing this with a therapist present can be a positive way forward.

I am used to working with diverse relationships and it might be that you want to explore another aspect, such as an open relationship or polyamory.